Italmatic Robotics & AGV means engineers, designers and technicians experts in mechanics, electronics and computer science able to create special mechanical constructions for Industry 4.0 never seen before.

The research, innovation, and experience gained in various industrial sectors, have allowed Italmatic Robotics & AGV to develop patented technologies and unique production techniques, which are applied in all manufacturing areas, in particular for that of tyre processing.

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A team of professionals able to develop customized machines to increase the productivity and safety of production processes. Products that represent the highest expression of passion, creativity, innovation and know-how Italmatic Robotics & AGV, demonstrated by the machines that the company has patented: Intelligent systems equipped with the latest technologies to optimize the activities of any industry.

Italmatic Robotics & AGV, has launched several machines for the processing and reconstruction of light and giant transport tires, so it has developed three cutting-edge patents, revolutionizing the rasping, refilling and processing of craters and tyre imperfections.







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Italmatic Robotics & AGV manufactures special machines to optimize production processes.

Customization is a key factor reflected by each automation: a value that makes available to the customer several cutting-edge technologies, in order to create a customized machinery that allows you to get the most from the production process, in terms of quality, productivity and safety.

The additional accessories operating in symbiosis with the machinery and advanced instrumentation, such as the artificial vision system to identify imperfections, recognize models, follow paths, and adapt in real time to the different processes to be carried out, make Italmatic Robotics & AGV automation systems intelligent, performing and collaborative. After-sales service of user and maintenance training, continuous support and hardware and software updates create a 360-second service, which allows companies to benefit from Italmatic Robotics & AGV machines.

• Improve industrial production techniques
• Get the most out of your production process
• Customize your machine with patented technologies
• Choose from a wide range of accessories designed ad hoc
• Get machine operation and maintenance training
• Receive continuous assistance with on-site and remote interventions
• Receive machine hardware and software updates such as parts kits and OTA updates
• Quality recognized by leading companies like Kal Tire

Simplification and speeding up
of production processes.

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